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"I've always known that I love writing, but I didn't know that I couldn't live without it until my first year of college. At age nineteen, as a simultaneous full-time business student, I'd completed my first fiction work at 90k words. (A work that I'm still holding onto today until the time is right) When age twenty-one came around I drafted what would become Better Off Guilty. Without an MFA or credentials, I had no idea what I was doing, but I was determined to find out.  My graduation gift in 2020 was a developmental editor for Better Off Guilty that I'd freelanced through Instagram under two-thousand dollars. That would be the only developmental editor that I worked with on Better Off Guilty - who was and is amazing by the way. I'm so lucky for Lauren G. The novel then moved to submissions and I was picked up by a small traditional publisher, WCP, who took a chance on me when no one else would. Soon after, the debut novel went on to win unexpected press and outdo monthly and annual sales projections despite the odds. Flash forward to now: Better Off Guilty is nearing one year on the shelves. I'm twenty-four years old and have bent myself backward studying the craft of creating stories that twist and turn. In this, I've found the passion for my being. With two upcoming works written since debut, I've found that I am always building my own seat at the table...and it's all coming together better than I ever imagined. My wish for you is that you never underestimate the humble beginnings in your life. They lead to more miracles than you might know. Thank you for supporting and growing my dream with me. We've come so far. Writing is my purpose and I'm here to stay. I'm forever grateful for this castle in the sky you've helped build, that I now call my reality."

- lindsey lamar

Mystery & Suspense Magazine Cover '21

Read Lindsey's Cover Story in the Fall 2021 Issue of Mystery & Suspense Magazine:

The Independent Book Review on Better Off Guilty

Read IBR's published thoughts on Better Off Guilty released July '21:

Lindsey's Personal Letter on Substack

Read Lindsey's 7 personal takeaways from her first 365 days as an author on Substack.

Better Off Guilty Press Release by Buddy Hollywood

Read Buddy Hollywood's press release on Better Off Guilty released May '21:

Almost Real Things Magazine Issue 23 & Live Event Feature

Learn more about Lindsey's feature in Almost Real Things Magazine Issue 23 released in February 2022:

Lindsey's Prize Winning Tribute Piece

Read Lindsey's first-place tribute piece to Mildred Benson running in the Unsealed writing contest in May '22 titled: A Letter To The Woman They Would Not Name

Mystery & Suspense Magazine Feature '22

Read Lindsey's feature article in the Summer '22  Issue of Mystery & Suspense Magazine:

Better Off Guilty In BookPeople ATX

See Lindsey's work on the shelves and featured tables at the largest independent bookstore in Texas:

Writer's League of Texas Q&A Session

Take a look at Lindsey's Q&A Session with WLT posted in March '22 on their blog and Twitter:

Better Off Guilty Selected For Audiobook Adaptation

Better Off Guilty was amongst few selected by Word Crafts for audiobook narration. Listen to the work narrated by Alison Ewing:

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