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Sillian Parks rented out the historical Sophomore Manor for an overnight costume party: a place where the most prestigious socialites of the 1940's and ‘50s famously partied. That was until the celebrity owners mysteriously went missing. Their high-profile disappearance has remained an unsolved mystery, captivating many of the manor's crime-obsessed visitors.


As soon as Jane shows up for her twin’s event, strange happenings begin to unfold. When Sillian disappears at the height of her own party, Jane decides that it's up to her to find her sister and face the manor's long-withheld secrets.


Determined to find Sillian, Jane must expose a present-day link between her sister’s vanishing, a suspicious guest list, and Sophomore Manor’s obscure past.


In this dark yet fun-loving novel, the reader works alongside the narrator to find clues and make a case in mystery literature’s first-ever interactive whodunit.

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