Certified Consultant & Traditionally Signed fiction Author

Lindsey is a certified consultant at a Fortune 100 company and a traditionally published fiction author. She leads clients everyday, day in and day out, while simultaneously navigating and researching the publishing world. She is now offering consulting to aspiring authors in their entry to the publishing world. 

"I created a service I wish I had access to when I was going through this terrifying process. I made mountains of mistakes because I didn't know how to navigate my entry. I've done the work now and want to streamline the messiness of it for other new and underrepresented authors."


Five Sessions

What you get

Five working assignments to prepare you for the publishing process alongside five one-hour working sessions to ensure your work is editor, agent, and publisher ready and eye-catching. Five session minimum. Lindsey reserves the right to decline any work that she doesn't want to be professionally affiliated with.

Genres offered: Fiction: Thriller and Suspense, Romance, Horror, Domestic, YA, Sci-Fi, and Beyond

(Not accepted: Historical Fiction)

Nonfiction: Most nonfiction accepted in areas deemed appropriate

(Not accepted: military nonfiction, domestic violence or abuse nonfiction, photography books.)

Poetry: Poetry publishing sessions offered at a reduced price of $60/session due to different requirements and standards

Reading Time

Timeline overview

Five total: Three required sessions + Two optional of your choice

  1. Initial consultation (Required) Workbook Included: Goal setting, target market configuration, setting budget.

  2. Timeline & Editing (Optional) Workbook Included: Realistic timeline setting, Editing recommendations 

  3. Querying 101 (Required)            Workbook Included: Creating the perfect query, finding agents and publishers 

  4. Author Website (Optional)        Workbook Included: Web strategy and profiles

  5. Platform Strategy (Required)  Workbook Included: Media toolkit for authors ideal visibility

  6. Soft Read Suggestions (Optional) Have Lindsey read the first 5k words of your work and offer soft suggestions document

  7. Not Done With My Manuscript (Optional) Strategize a plan to finish your manuscript on your own realistic complete date and have Lindsey create a detailed workbook tracker for the rest of your drafting timeline

Aspiring Authors: Book Lindsey

  • For authors looking to get published, but don't know where to begin.

    1 hr

    5 Sessions $70/each
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